Many of the people I work with and know along with a vast number of others around the world takes part in a month of reflection, thought, forgiving, change and much more.... I speak of the Muslim celebration of Ramadan.

This year, like many other, I sincerely hope that those who see themselves as Muslims, and all other like myself, all over the world stop for a while and look at the globe we call our home. Look and think. Think and reflect. We all, regardless of what religion we confess ourselves to if any, have but one home that we all share. This planet we call Earth. The general state of mind on a global plane is alarmingly unsettled and that shows through wars, conflicts, killings, oppression.. the list is long.

Here in Sweden summer has come with decent weather and quite nice evenings. Use those evening to find a quiet spot, sit down, and think of what YOU can do. Start with just saying "Hi" to your neighbour. Don't be afraid to talk to a stranger on the tube or on the bus. If you have Muslims around you greet them with a "Ramadan Karim" (Happy Ramadan), I am sure they wish you Merry Christmas in December. If you have Jewish people around you wish them "Gu' Shabbes" (Yiddish: Good Sabbath) or "Shabbat Shalom" (Hebrew: Peaceful Sabbath) on Friday afternoons. The point I aim for is: accept and tolerate the differences and you will see how much we actually are alike after all!

So finally to all Muslim readers of this: Ramadan Karim, and when the time comes: Eid Mubarak! To all others I wish a blessed and happy month of June. To everyone a good and relaxing summer!