Hot Time In The Archives

En novell på engelska, har inte idag gjort en översättning, kommer kanske senare.

Skrevs som en fantasi ihop med en person jag träffade via en virtuell värld, så jag är inte ensam författare, men jag vill inte avslöja vem personen är med hänsyn till personliga integriteten.

She turns the wheel to open up the section of shelves. The dress is bulging and stretching over her behind as she bends over to get more power in the motion. I stand in the doorway, watching silent. With the box resting in her arms, pushed down by the voluptuous bosom, she enters the corridor between the parted shelves. A silent muttering is heard and then the sound of papers flapping about. Careful not to make any sound I sneak closer and peeks in between the shelves.

The view I get is not bad. She is standing on all four, no three, one hand is shuffling papers, and the dress has slipped up towards her back. I see the thin string of her underwear almost not covering the bulge peeping out between her legs. I spot a few papers behind her on the floor and draw back so I wont be discovered. Not after long she stand up and resumes her position, only now facing forward. The view now just enhance the hard on I started go get watching her from behind. Without anything in the way I look right down
between her breasts, both of them having slipped out her bra (not a good one it seem). Now I cough and go around the corner, making my presence known.

With a startled look she sit up on her knees, and when she see that is me standing there she casually adjust her breasts back into the bra and says: ”Ahh Hi you…”. I enter the narrow space and she stands up. We kiss and embrace each other. ”Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” she asks with a naughty look. I don’t say word but answer by grabbing her butt and pushing her lower body tight against mine so she can feel my hard bulge. ”I locked the door so no one can disturb” I whisper in her ear… The reaction comes within a fraction of a second; a deep kiss as her dress falls down to the floor. Kissing and working to get my clothes off we move out in the room towards the wall mounted sorting table at the opposite side.

We part for a second, only to remove the remaining clothes. As she sit up on the sorting table she throws me the panties. As I catch them I feel just how wet they are and the intoxicating smell of her arousal. I go the five steps and lean in and kiss her. Our lips meet and our tongues start to roll around in the wettest and deepest French kiss this archive has ever seen. My mouth wanders down her neck and as my hand cups her left breast and caress it my lips cover the right one in kisses and small nibbles. As hand and mouth circles
in and find the rock hard nipples a loud sigh is heard. Even if I feel that I want to just push my hard limb in to the softness waiting between her parted legs I kiss my way down her belly towards a tasty treat…

The folds of skin covering the soft cave has a reddish colour and looks quite swollen, and delicious. The moment my lips find their way to that place I growl a bit of joy. The smell is like a drug and when I let my tongue force its way between the lips I get high on the taste of her juices. It only takes seven or eight licks around her very stiff ”joy button” and her body shakes and she screams out an orgasm that rock the table. That is what makes me so turned on I don’t really know what I do….

I drag her feet down on the floor and turn her with the back and lovely butt facing me. Forcing her upper body down over the table I let let my hard limb slide in to the soft warmness of her pussy. With a hoarse voice I whisper ”I love you… and I want to fuck you so hard…” The answer does not come in words, she just moves her body back and makes my limb hit the bottom of her wet and warm cave.

Not aware of much more than the sounds of flesh hitting flesh and the sloppy sound of my limb pounding her pussy’s inner parts time is lost….. We move like one and she screams out what I think is two more orgasms and her legs shake…. Suddenly she push me back so my limb comes out in the cold air. I look down and see literally a river of juices running down her legs… Before she moves I am down on my knees and lick as much as I can get from the deep red opening to the wet pussy.

On shaking legs she sits up on the table with her legs drawn up urging me to get closer. ”I wanna see you when you fuck me” she says… and then ”Slam it in… now…” I am not slow to follow and push my hard limb inside and start to pump, like before. Every time our bodies collide a wave travels along her body and makes her gorgeous big breasts jiggle like cups of jello. Now and then I push deep inside and bend down kissing or lightly biting one nipple or wherever I can reach.

As her third (fourth?) orgasm shakes her body I feel my explosion coming. Looking deep in her misty eyes I ask ”In or outside?” her answer is yet again non-verbal, her feet locks on my butt forcing me to stay inside with my limb. That move is what drives me over the edge and brawling like an animal I feel the orgasm ride me an feel how my seed is pumping out inside her. As I come her feet push us closer and closer together and she holds me inside
her for a long time, my head resting on her warm and sweat pearled boobs. Not until my limb being soft like an old dishcloth her grip is released.

As I take a step back I see how our combined juices is oozing out of her pussy, making a pool on the floor. She let her finger catch some of it and put the finger in her mouth… ”Mmmmm… ” she says. I embrace her and we kiss, I feel how she have somehow saved the juices the tasted as a non-familiar salty taste meets my tongue.. I break the kiss and look at her ”Someone is really naughty today” I exclaim with an amused expression. When we have collected out wits we find the cleaning cupboard and the end of the archive hall and clean up the mess we caused, still naked.

When we finally collect our clothes and
dress she hold her panties up on her finger saying ”No need to put these on.. Just a couple of hours left and we can have late meeting at the copying machines” smiling so naughty I feel how my limb start to grow hard already… ”Call me later” I say and kiss her. I leave first and when I look at my watch I see that 2 hours have passed. Later in the day I hear some people coming up from the basement talking about the strange smell in the archive, ”… like someone have had a sex-orgy or something down
there…. But no that’s not..” I look down in the papers I read and chuckle to myself…If only they knew… The phone rings and I wake up.. ”The meeting is on…” her voice tells me. Grinning I stand up and walk towards the corridor.

Författare: Patrik

40 + år gammal, född i råttans år enligt kinesiska astrologin. Skriver då och då sexnoveller som jag här delar med mig av.